Fiberglass Pool Manufacturing
What’s the secret? Quality control. That’s what sets fiberglass pools apart from vinyl or concrete pools.

Every LoneStar fiberglass pool is built in a controlled environment according to a rigid set of standards and specifications.

1. We begin with high quality raw materials.

2. The mold is cleaned, waxed, and prepared. All surface dust and contamination is removed.

3. An even coat of gel coat is sprayed and applied in 3 separate passes for a smooth appearance on your pool.

4. The gel coat is allowed to cure and dry.

5. The next layer, a vinyl ester resin, is applied at a thickness of 100 mils. This provides a water and blister barrier for your pool.

6. The next step is applying multiple layers of 36-ounce glass woven roving. This cloth- like material acts like a shield of armor around your entire pool.

7. Steel pockets are then glassed inside the coping so your pool can be removed from the mold and transported.

8. Your pool is set aside and allowed to dry and cure.

9. Finally, the pool is delivered to your home.

Want to see how pools are made? Come visit our factory and see for yourself.

Best of all, you can bring your family for a free swim in the pool we have here in our back yard!

Just give us a call at 830-875-6900 and reserve your free swimming tour now.

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